How Personal Trainers Can Adapt To The Coronavirus Crisis

With states across the U.S. issuing shelter-in-place orders to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, gyms and personal trainers have taken a hit. The six-feet distancing rule makes it hard for trainers to provide the hands-on assistance their clients pay for, even in states that haven't enacted strict restrictions. What can trainers do to adapt to these new restrictions while still providing services to clients? Learn more about a few of the ways personal trainers have revamped their regimens to accommodate the restrictions posed by the coronavirus crisis.

Becoming A Professional Weightlifter? Here's Why You Should Invest In Custom Weightlifting Belts

As a professional weightlifter, wearing support belts are extremely important. If weightlifting belts aren't worn, you run the risk of getting seriously injured. And injuries can lead to a short weightlifting career. But not just any weightlifting belts will do. Here's why you should invest in custom weightlifting belts: Enjoy a Perfect Fit Investing in custom weightlifting belts will help ensure that you'll enjoy a perfect fit every time you gear up to hit the weights.

Get Fit And Have Fun

Being fit may decrease the fatigue that you have been experiencing lately and could even prompt you to begin eating a healthier diet. Depression, stress, and being busy may have taken a toll on your normal fitness regime. Observing others who look fit or watching programs that feature buff men with chiseled bodies can negatively influence your decision to get back on a treadmill or complete a specific set of situps.