Reasons To Buy A Noseless Bike Seat

Noseless bike seats definitely don't look like your typical bike seat. Their appearance immediately turns some people off; they want something more traditional. However, if you can set aside your preconceived notions of what a bike seat is supposed to look like, there are actually some very good reasons to buy a noseless bike seat. Here are the top ones:

Less Chafing

A lot of the chafing that people experience with bike seats occurs toward the front of the seat, between the legs, where the nose of the bike seat rests. There are steps you can take to prevent this, such as applying chamois cream before every ride and wearing specialty bike shorts. Of course, these steps only do so much, and there's still a significant risk of chafing on longer rides. With a noseless bike seat, you are much less likely to chafe since the seat does not reach between your legs in any way. You will probably still want to wear bike shorts, but the chamois cream won't be necessary, and you can probably be less particular about which bike shorts you wear.

No Nerve Pinching

There is a nerve that runs along the inside of your leg, near your groin. It is common for this nerve to become compressed in cyclists—especially those who ride many miles on end. When this nerve becomes compressed or impeded, you may end up with tingling in your legs, nerve pain, or reduced mobility for a while. Noseless bike seats are less likely to pinch this nerve. Even if you have no history of nerve trouble, you may want to upgrade to a noseless seat before doing longer rides that put you at an increased risk.

Easier Adaptation

When you have not ridden a bike for a while, getting back into the habit can make your bottom sore the first few times. Noseless seats are less likely to cause soreness. If you do have soreness, it will be more isolated to your bottom, and not between your legs. As such, it is faster and easier to adapt to a noseless seat. This makes them a great option for anyone who only rides occasionally and does not want to have to readapt each time.

Noseless bike seats do look a little odd, but if you put the looks aside, they're a great choice for bike riders at all levels. Consider the benefits above, and do some shopping.

Contact a local bike seat service, such as New Light LLC., to learn more.