Hire a Private Personal Trainer to Help You Reach These Fitness Goals

While people often hire private personal trainers to help them lose weight, partnering with a fitness professional can yield a wide range of positive results beyond those you can see at your waistline. With goals with a personal trainer, as with any form of goal setting, it's important to be as specific as possible; simply telling your trainer that you "want to get in better shape" is too broad. Instead, think about the various areas on which you can concentrate, and then share specific goals with your trainer. He or she will know exactly how to set up a specific workout regimen that will focus on the attainment of these goals. Here are some targets to think about reaching.

Be Able to Touch Your Toes

If touching your toes without bending your knees seems like a significant challenge, it's likely exactly the type of thing you should work toward. Hiring a private personal trainer doesn't have to be about getting strong; this fitness professional can also help you get more flexible, which is a valuable thing for people of all ages. Improved flexibility means that you'll be less likely to suffer muscle aches and pains. The ability to touch your toes relies on your ability to loosen your tight hamstring muscles, and you can expect that your trainer will teach you how to perform a variety of different hamstring stretches.

Perform Five Chin-Ups

Many people can't perform a single chin-up, but the good news is that with a dedicated fitness regimen carefully crafted by your personal trainer, you'll be able to crush the goal of performing five reps of this upper-body exercise without stopping. Being able to perform five chin-ups might not seem to be something that comes in handy daily, but what you'll be doing is gradually strengthening a variety of major muscle groups in your body, including the latissimus dorsi muscles in your back. Strengthening these muscles has day-to-day benefits because stronger lats can promote better posture, which lessens your risk of back pain.

Improve Your Box-Jump Height

If you're interested in improving your standing vertical jump, your trainer will test you by having you jump onto wooden boxes of various heights. With that baseline established, you'll then work on being able to jump higher. This explosive form of exercise builds the quick response of many of your muscles, including those in your core, as they contribute to helping you leap upward. A strong core is vital for many reasons, including bettering your posture and reducing back pain.

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