Three Tips For Caring For Your Knees And Avoiding Injury

Without question, knee injuries are one of the most potentially nagging and debilitating injuries that you can experience in your lifetime, since so much movement and distribution of weight revolves around your knees. It is for this reason that there are a number of sports medicine–approved tips that will help you participate in your favorite exercise routines while still protecting and getting the most out of your knees. Knee injuries create trips to the doctor for some 15 million people every single year. With this in mind, consider these guidelines below in order to get the absolute most out of your knees. 

Add Some Cold Therapy In Order To Ease Swelling And Inflammation

Inflammation is the biggest reason that people deal with knee pain as they experience wear and tear during their activities. For this reason, you should begin incorporating ice pack therapy to your knees for 20 minute sessions at a time. Doing this will allow you to reduce the amount of pain and swelling that you endure, giving you full range of mobility in your knees once again. You should be sure to wrap the ice pack in a thin blanket or sheet if you have sensitive skin. 

Stay In Touch With A Sports Medicine Professional

When you want to keep tabs on your knees and make sure you are not damaging them, the best thing you can do is remain in touch with your sports medicine professional. They will be able to help you out so that you are able to get fitted for a brace that stabilizes your knee and helps you to prevent injuries. They can also put you on a physical therapy plan specifically suited for any injuries you sustain, in order to get you back to your workouts as quickly as possible, with your knee healed and all better. 

Workout Smarter And Take It Easy On Your Joints

Because 66 percent of people between ages 34 and 49 deal with joint pain at some point, you will need to pick workouts that are joint friendly. For instance, you can switch to a mixture of low impact cardio and high impact cardio instead of abusing your body by only doing high impact workouts. This intermittent output will allow your knees to become stronger over the long haul and able to absorb impact during your workouts. 

Keep these three tips in mind in order to keep your knees strong and healthy, and if you need help treating knees that are already damaged, contact a local sports medicine clinic.