Top 7 Ways To Avoid Exercise Boredom

Exercise burnout can happen to anyone. Whether you've only just started working out or you're almost beach body ready, burnout can sneak up on you. How do you avoid exercise boredom? Here are seven tips on avoiding exercise boredom and burnout:

1. Make exercise fun

Disguise your workouts by making something fun a workout. Not only will you enjoy yourself, but the change in routine challenges your body and makes it adapt. Here are some ideas:

  • Swim
  • Hula hoop
  • Jump rope
  • Basketball
  • Skate
  • Dance
  • Hike

2. Hire a personal trainer

Personal trainers are a great tool even if you're not a beginner. Personal trainers will not only give you motivation, but they can also show you new and fun exercises. If you're a beginner, a trainer will show you proper, safe techniques for exercises to reduce injury.

3. Recruit a friend

Recruiting a friend is a fun way to avoid exercise burnout. If you're competitive, having a friend will challenge you to push yourself. You can make exercise into a game by seeing who can run the longest, lift the heaviest barbell, or lose the most weight. Even if you're not competitive, a friend will make exercise rewarding. You can applaud each others' progress.

4. Join a club

Are you passionate about hiking, rock climbing, or running? Join a club. A club is a way to meet other people who share your passion. Clubs also have fun activities and events that keep the sport new and exciting. A club is an easy way to stay motivated, get tips from other members, and challenge yourself.

5. Tweak one small detail

Often, you can avoid boredom by changing one small aspect of your workout routine. Here are some ideas:

  • If you workout in the morning, switch to evenings or vice versa
  • Change your exercise playlist or add new songs
  • Add a new stretch, move, or machine
  • If you jog in the neighborhood, go down a different street
  • Buy new workout clothes

6. Treat yourself

Intrinsic motivation is the key for success, but sometimes you need something more. It's better to use external motivation if you're close to quitting because you're bored. Set a small goal and reward yourself. For example, treat yourself to a new book or pair of shoes when you hit the gym every day for two weeks.

7. Sneak exercise

Take a break from the gym and find ways to sneak exercise into your daily routine. Here are some tips:

  • Use a standing desk at work
  • Play video games that require motion, like dance games
  • Use a treadmill or stationary bike while you watch your favorite show
  • Take your dog around the block a few extra times

These are seven ways to keep your exercise routine fresh. Soon, you will hit your fitness goal!